Payment and Deposit Information

Most of the fines, fees and court costs that are assessed against parties in a case are ordered paid through the Circuit Clerk’s Office and are expected to be paid upon disposition of the case. Acceptable methods of payment are by cash, money order, cashier’s check, debit or credit card. Personal checks are acceptable from Lafayette County residents only.  If payment is made by credit card, a processing fee will be applied.

The Lafayette County Judiciary now participates in the new Pay By Web program.  This payment option can be located online at  Currently, traffic, conservation and watercraft violation citations that are eligible for payment through the FCC (Fine and Collection Center) are also eligible for payment using the Pay By Web option.

Traffic fines and fees, civil and criminal court cost balances owed are also eligible for payment using this option.  Complete details can be found at

This office participates in both the Tax Intercept Program and the Debt Collection Program. Debts left unpaid under the payment plan policy are forwarded electronically to these programs for collection purposes. The brochure, WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PAYING YOUR COURT COSTS, is located after the mileage schedule below.

Adult restitution is paid through the Lafayette County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Juvenile restitution is now paid through the Lafayette County Circuit Clerk's Office.

The deposit schedule for new cases is as follows: 

Circuit Division


Pro Se E-Filed
All Original Civil Cases $153.50  $103.50
DOM, Modifications, Paternity, Domestic Contempt Actions $153.50  $105.50
Each additional Defendant $30.00  N/A
Out-of-County Defendant $35.00  N/A
Filing of Foreign Judgments $103.50  $103.50
Motions for Examination of Judgment Debtor $153.50  $103.50
Contested Affidavits for Termination of Child Support $153.50  $103.50
Family Access Motions and Motions / Applications for Amendments Nunc Pro Tunc $153.50  $103.50
Adoptions - (Includes deposit for Guardian-Ad-Litem fees) $503.50  $503.50
Adoptions subsidized by the Missouri Children's Division Paternity
(requiring Guardian Ad-Litem) 
$203.50  $203.50
Paternity (Requiring Guardian Ad-Litem)(Includes $300.00 Deposit) $453.50  $453.50
Western District Appeals $70.00  $70.00

 Associate Division

Pro Se  E-FIle
Landlord / Tenant Actions $51.50 +
Service Fee
Landlord / Tenant Appeals $70.00 $70.00
Associate Civil Actions except Small Claims $100.00 $51.50
Small Claims $38.50 + 
Service Fee 
Trial De Novo  $45.00   $45.00
All Cases with Multiple Defendants (Per Defendant)  $30.00  N/A


 Service Fee Schedule for Pro Se Actions (Effective 10/1/14):

 Service Fees and Mileage  Warrants  Days Served Prior to Court
Non Est
Writ of Execution
Full Order
Ex Parte
Subpoena - Civil
Subpoena - Criminal
- 0 -
- 0 -
In-State Fel.
In-State Misd.
Civil Contempt
Criminal Summons
Civil Summons
Ex Parte
5 Days
10 Days
3 Days
Up to the Day



Mileage Schedule for Pro Se Actions (Effective 10/1/14)

Alma $14.00 Corder $11.00 Napoleon $7.00
Aullville $16.00 Dover $7.00 Oak Grove $15.00
Bates City $13.00 Emma $20.00 Odessa $11.00
Blackburn $16.00 Higginsville $9.00 Waverly $12.00
Concordia $17.00 Mayview $7.00 Wellington $  4.00