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 The  State  of  Missouri  has contracted with the Municipal Services Bureau located  in  Austin, TX as the new debt collection vendor.  Court costs are assessed  on  all  criminal  cases not resulting in dismissal or Not Guilty findings.   Contrary  to  public perception, these costs are expected to be paid  regardless  of  the  type of sentence a defendant receives.  For many years,  the  Lafayette  County  Judiciary  has  pursued collections through payment  plans,  tax intercept and debt collection processes as provided by the State.

If  you  are the recipient of a letter or series of letters from MSB, it is not  a  scam.   The  pursuit  of  collecting  the  debt you owe through the Municipal  Services Bureau is purposeful.  If you believe you have received such  a letter in error, feel free to contact the Circuit Clerk's office at 660-259-6101 to discuss the matter.


Show Me Jury Press Release pdf

The Lafayette County Circuit Court implemented the new Show Me Jury system in September 2018.  Within this system, prospective jurors can choose to communicate with the court by text or e-mail.  Please read the above press release for more information.


The case processing and case management of all traffic and municipal cases filed in the Lafayette County Circuit Courts will transition to a new, Windows based operating system referred to as Show Me Courts. All other case types will follow as specific functionality becomes available.   

eFiling was implemented in all divisions of the Lafayette County Judiciary on 10-1-2014 and as a result, paper document filing has been greatly reduced. Now that electronic filing has been fully established, paper files are no longer being created and existing paper files are being converted to electronic files. These processes will result in maximum efficiency as it relates to case management and retrieval.
All licensed attorneys are required to become registered users of which enables them to complete the filing processes electronically. For additional information on the subject, please contact the Circuit Clerk’s office.
The Circuit Clerk’s office receives numerous requests for copies of documents from specific files. By using DMS, many of the public documents are currently available for viewing and printing through All docket entry text can be viewed in a public case and any entry highlighted in blue is a hyperlink to the actual document which can be viewed or printed. There are no fees associated with this activity.
While several documents/cases are of public record, they may not be available for viewing/printing from for a variety of security reasons. In general, the majority of the records maintained by the Circuit Clerk’s office can only be made available by personal inspection of a file. A public access terminal is available near the Circuit Clerk’s office allowing such personal inspection to occur.
The Circuit Clerk’s office now participates in the Pay By Web program which allows some court cost balances to be paid online. For more information, access the Payment and Deposit Information link.

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The Circuit Clerks Office accepts credit card payments. The options include  Discover,  Visa as well as  American Express and  Master Card.

( can be found at

A link to the Missouri Victim's Automated Notification System (MOVANS) web page is available.  The MOVANS Web page is called VINE - Victims Information and Notification Everyday. It allows people to sign up for phone or e-mail notification of hearings on Criminal, Traffic and Municipal cases.  It also allows victims to sign up for notification on hearing and service information on Protection Order cases.

 Contact the Circuit Clerks office at 660-259-6101 or E-Mail if you have any questions.